Thanks to everyone who was involved in the 2033 Peachtree Corners Comprehensive Plan process! On August 20th, the City Council adopted a resolution to transmit the plan to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for review. Now, the City will wait for final comments from the regional commission and the state agency in charge of comprehensive planning, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Once the ARC and DCA have signed off on the plan, the City will adopt it in October.



Join us at Community Meeting #2!

Community Meeting #2 is the opportunity to work with your community to tell us what in Peachtree Corners you want to  preserveconnectchange, and create.

There will be two character area visioning workshops (see details on flyer below). We will write and draw maps expressing our visions for Peachtree Corners. Please come to one session, or both, to contribute to this discussion!


Update: Business Roundtable

The Peachtree Corners Business Association hosted the 2033 Comprehensive Plan business roundtable st, at 12:00 p.m. at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church (4480 Peachtree Corners Circle). Approximately sixty individuals attended. Community Development Director Diana Wheeler began the meeting by introducing the project and the Pond consulting team. Michelle Alexander (Pond) presented a summary of the Comprehensive Planning process, approach, and schedule. She also led a discussion about what the business community wanted the Comprehensive Plan to accomplish. Kellie Brownlow (Partnership Gwinnett) then explained the purpose and history of Partnership Gwinnett and shared some of the resources that are available to businesses in Peachtree Corners. Finally, Michelle Alexander led a discussion about perceived needs and opportunities.

Click here or the Resources tab to download the handout from the meeting. Please feel free to share your comments below!


Community Meeting #1

The Comprehensive Plan process got off to a great start with Community Meeting #1 on Thursday, February 21st!Approximately 80 people attended the meeting and shared their ideas about what a successful comprehensive plan will accomplish.They also explored issues that the plan should address and opportunities that the City can take advantage of. See the Resources tab or click here for a full summary of the meeting, along with the meeting materials that were shared. Check out the “What is a Comprehensive Plan?” section of the website for more information on what the plan means for Peachtree Corners. 


Bring your kids to the first community meeting!

There will be a supervised Kid's Corner at the first Peachtree Corners Comprehensive Plan community meeting with special activities for children. We want to hear what they think about their community, and we want to give you a chance to participate while someone else watches the kids!


Article in the Patch

Check out this article about the Comprehensive Plan in the Peachtree Corners Patch:


We introduced the process to City Council and others in attendance at last week's City Council Meeting.